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Remove the background of any image by using our Background Removal service (Powered by our leading AI engine). Stop spending hours of selecting individual pixels and lassoing around them, instead upload your picture and let us do the magic!

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How to use the Background Removal

Learn how to get started in just a few simple clicks!

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  • 1. Upload Your Image

    Start by selecting your file, which you can upload by File or URL.

  • 2. Run Background Removal

    Once you have selected and uploaded your file, click "Create" to run the Background Removal tool.

  • 3. Download Result

    As soon as the Background Removal finishes, you can download the result.


How does Background Removal work?

Background Removal - also known as Image Matting - is the process of extracting the foreground image from the background image. It is especially important for video and image editing, as it allows us to create visual effects without the need for a green screen.

Image Matting differs from Image Segmentation in the sense that Image Segmentation will label each pixel as belonging to a specific group (e.g. an object, person, ...) within the image. In Image Matting, pixels can belong to multiple groups (i.e. a foreground pixel might also belong to a background pixel), this is what we call a "Partial" or "Mixed" Pixel.

The process of Background Removal can be described in a few simple steps:

  1. PreProcess: We "simplify" the image and reduce noise.
  2. Infer: We run the image through our AI model that splits the background from the foreground through Image Matting.
  3. PostProcess: After the result was achieved, we carefully remove the background pixels from the image, retaining the correct alpha values of the "matte".

We’re here to help

As we simplify this entire process, by creating the model for you. Training state-of-the art models by their latest paper performances, while providing the transparancy you as a business require for what is happening behind the scenes.

Workcation takes away the pain in using state-of-the art AI models. Test and integrate AI into your application in just a few clicks.

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Find some examples below of what you can achieve!

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  • Image Masked
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  • Image Masked
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