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How to use the Image Classification

Learn how to get started in just a few simple clicks!

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  • 1. Upload Your Image

    Start by selecting your file, which you can upload by File or URL.

  • 2. Run Image Classification

    Once you have selected and uploaded your file, click "Create" to run the Image Classification tool.

  • 3. Download Result

    As soon as the Image Classification finishes, you can download the result.


How does Image Classification work?

Image Classification is the process of understanding the presented scene and the different objects in it. It will label and categorize different pixels within an image based on specific rules.

Image Classficiation will take the presented image as a whole and feed it to a neural network consisting of multiple layers. These layers will individually activate based on certain features (e.g. leg, nose, wheel, ...) eventually composing a scene that can be detected. It will then return a probability of the identified objects.

The process of Image Classification can be described in a few simple steps:

  1. PreProcess: We resize the image to an ideal size
  2. Infer: We run the image through the neural network that was trained for this task.
  3. PostProcess: Once a result is achieved, we are presented the identified objects and their accuracy

We’re here to help

As we simplify this entire process, by creating the model for you. Training state-of-the art models by their latest paper performances, while providing the transparancy you as a business require for what is happening behind the scenes.

Workcation takes away the pain in using state-of-the art AI models. Test and integrate AI into your application in just a few clicks.

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  • Image Masked
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  • Image Masked
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